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Office Hours

You can book office-hours appointments with my by using this link.

More info on my office hours:

  1. If you’d like to meet with me when I am not teaching or cannot meet during my regular office hours, please contact me by email or through the contact form.
  2. You might save yourself some time by reading my advice pages.
  3. Unless we’ve met before and are working on a project of yours, please sign up for one slot only.
  4. Slots for which no one signed up will be available on a first-come-first-served walk-in basis.
  5. If you want to come in and chat about a general topic or a bit of news that interests you, just stop by. If, however, you want to discuss an idea for a paper, an article, a dissertation, a book, whatever, then I’d recommend you bring along something in writing, no more than a paragraph. It’s always easier (at least for me) to discuss research ideas when there’s some ink on paper.
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