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Past Courses

At Yale, I have taught the following courses (latest edition listed):

  • The Balance of Power: Theory and History, undergrad seminar, Summer 2017; [syllabus]
  • International Relations Field Seminar, graduate seminar, Spring 2017; [syllabus]
  • Introduction to International Relations, lecture, Spring 2017; [syllabus]
  • International Relations: Concepts and Theories; graduate seminar, Spring 2015; [syllabus]
  • Military Power, grad/undergrad seminar, Fall 2014; [syllabus]
  • U.S. Strategy after the Cold War, undergrad seminar, Summer 2014; [syllabus]
  • The Balance of Power: Theory and History, lecture, Spring 2014; [syllabus]
  • The Philosophy, History, and Sociology of IR, grad/undergrad seminar, Spring 2010; [syllabus]
  • IR Theory, grad/undergrad seminar, Autumn 2009. [syllabus]

While at the University of Chicago, I taught the following:

  • The Politics of Unipolarity; undergrad seminar, Spring 2009; [syllabus]
  • Power in International Politics, undergrad seminar, Autumn 2006. [syllabus]
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