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Public-Affairs Commentary

[For commentary in Portuguese media, see here.]

Here you can find my academic and public-affairs commentary:

  • Response to Nicholas Miller’s review of Gene Gerzhoy’s article, “Alliance Coercion and Nuclear Restraint,” (International Security, Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 91-129),” with Alexandre Debs, H-Diplo online, April 21, 2016; [html]
  • The Flawed Logic of Striking Iran,” with Alexandre Debs, Foreign Affairs online, January 18, 2012; [html]
  • Why We Keep Fighting,” guest post in Steve Walt’s Foreign Policy blog, December 29, 2011; [html]
  • Restoring European Growth,” with James Leitner and Ian Shapiro, Project Syndicate, December 27, 2011; [html]
  • Europe’s Contagion Effect: Prepare for a Global Economic Collapse,” with Thomas Wright, The National Interest online, July 21, 2011; [html]
  • Bridging the Gap between Academia and Policy,” guest post in Dan Drezner’s Foreign Policy blog, July 19, 2011; [html]
  • Europe’s Denial of Debt Default Will Only Make Matters Worse,” with Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa, The Guardian, CIF section, May 19, 2011; [html]
  • The Likes of Portugal Should Default on Their Debt,” with Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa, The Guardian, CIF section, April 15, 2011; [html]
  • In Foreign Policy Circles, Doom-n-Gloom for Sale,” with Lionel Beehner, USA Today, November 30, 2010; [html]
  • Guessing North Korea’s Dangerous Game,” with Lionel Beehner, The Guardian, CIF America section, November 24, 2010; [html]
  • Why U.S. Power Does Not Deter Challenges,” Yale Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 5. No. 2 (Spring 2010); [html]

I’ve also published a few commentary pieces back in Portugal:

  • Chegou o Momento, Senhor Presidente!” jornal i, April 15, 2013 (Portuguese); [html]
  • A Dimensão Estratégica da Austeridade,” jornal i, January 15, 2013 (Portuguese); [html]
  • Portugal e o Default Ano e Meio Depois do Resgate,” with Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa, Expresso, October 27, 2012 (Portuguese); [pdf]
  • Como Reestruturar a Dívida,” with Eduardo T. Sousa, Expresso, May 21, 2011 (Portuguese); [pdf]
  • O Default é a Melhor Solução para Portugal,” with Eduardo T. Sousa, Expresso, Apr. 30, 2011 (Portuguese); [pdf]
  • A Unipolaridade Americana,R:I Relações Internacionais, No. 19, Sep. 2008;
  • A Silly Season Vai à Guerra,,” Público, Aug. 14, 2008;
  • Porquê e Para Quê a Europa?Público, Jul. 26, 2008;
  • Quem Tem Medo da Balança de Poder?Nova Cidadania, No. 30, Oct. 2006;
  • A Tremendíssima Ideia,” Público, Aug. 8, 2006;
  • O que Fazer com Gulliver?Nova Cidadania, No. 29, Jul. 2006;
  • O Bailado do Salame,” Público, Apr. 22, 2006.
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